The Cosmic Dance


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You might think that a book about quantum physics, chaos and complexity theory, non-equilibrium dynamics, relativity theory, and God would be as difficult as it is boring. If so, this book will prove you wrong! By combining quirky illustrations with zany conversations with friends, Dr. Gregory Boyd makes learning about these things as easy as it is entertaining.

Drawing from contemporary science as well as the Bible, these conversations address some of the deepest and most important questions: Has God predetermined everything? Are we genuinely free? Do we discover the future, or do we help create it? Can Humpty Dumpty ever hope to be put back together again? And, of course: Is Schrödinger’s cat alive or dead before anyone checks on it?

By addressing questions like these, The Cosmic Dance aims to help readers embrace their life as an open-ended adventure that is part of an open-ended, spontaneity-filled, cosmic dance. Science and the Bible agree: You are not a mere link in a predetermined chain of events. You are a decision-making dancer, created in the image of a decision-making dancing Creator!